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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. - Michael Jordan ❤

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All I can say is WOW, this camera is truly an outstanding piece of equipment. With stunning image quality and powerful new features the GoPro HERO 4 camera takes the Emmy Award winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. Choose from HERO4 Black, with incredible high-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K50 video and high frame rate 1080p120 video, or HERO4 Silver which pairs pro-quality video and photo capture with the convenience of a built-in touch display. Mama want!! Maybe Santa’s Elves are widdling up one as we speak! 

Well a girl can wish and dream right?

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Real Sh*t is going down on Canal St …. The Ski Monster will be open for walk-in business soon so check it out for fresh gear, a tune up, or pretty much anything you might need on the mountain. #TheSkiMonster #CanalSt #Boston #Ski #Snowboard #Shred #WinterIsComing or check out their website if you can’t wait ❄️🌀🎿🏂 (at
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"May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry your aloft to dance with the stars."
George Jung (Blow) 
Bluebird Skies 🌀☀️ Such an Iconic view I had to snap a 📷 On my way to check out the @theskimonster’s new digs 🏢🏫 #BostonGarden #ZakimBridge #BostonViews #Love #InstaGood  (at The North End)
Another from the Keayne St Garden … Seasons’ a changin’🌻 The next 📷 will be 🍁🍂🌳 #KeayneStGarden #MotherNature #Beautiful #PlanetEarth #Hydrangeas #Pink #Love #SummerTimeSadness #FallIsHere  (at Keayne St Botanical Garden 🌾🌳🌻)
Thank you #MotherEarth for this amazing artwork in front of me … You are truly an artist 🌅🌏🙏 #SunsetsForDaze #PointOfPines #CottonCandyClouds #SkyPorn #Love #NoFilter (at Point of Pines Beach)

Sons of Anarchy: The Final Ride

This incredible show with an even killer cast has come to the end of the road, no pun intended. More like the end of an outstanding era. FX has a pretty legit track record with their series such as “The Shield,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Rescue Me,” “Archer,” and the list goes on. Tonight was the first episode of the final season. Kurt Sutter said “This will be one of the bloodiest season’s yet” 

Sweet baby Jesus I am addicted to this show. I have to be honest, I didn’t get into this show until pretty recently. It’s hard for me to get into new program if I’m watching one or two already. Once I miss the first season of any show I just wait till it’s On Demand or Netflix, but I completely forgot about Son’s and probably started watching a different show. I got into SOA last season when I watched it with my girlfriends and I was hooked instantly. I mean it doesn’t get much hotter than Charlie Hunnam aka “Jax Teller” on a motorcycle, am I right girls? Son’s of Anarchy is an intense show, along the same lines as Breaking Bad on AMC. Son’s will keep you on the edge of your seat and always wanting more after the 60 minutes is up. You will be talking about it the next day with anyone who will listen. I don’t even care if they tell me that they don’t watch the show, I just want and need to re-live the excitement and horror that I watched the night prior. Jax is out to avenge the death of his wife Tara, except the person hes looking for has been right under his nose this whole time. Can’t wait for next Tuesday, my new favorite day of the week!

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Seriously, I die with these two. They might possibly be the most amazing humans on the planet. Move over Oprah Winfrey there’s a new b*tch in town. Although I have to say that I think Jay Z is definitely one of the best things to happen to Beyonce since her hairstylist of course (she has the best weave in the game, that thing deserves its own award) but on some realness, I think this dynamic duo is one of the best things to hit the stage since … I don’t even know who to compare them too, Johnny Cash and June Carter or how about Michael and Janet Jackson? They are the definition of perfection, but as of lately maybe not behind the scenes. All these rumors whirling around about the two splitting up makes me want to cry! Ok, Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but it would be a sad day if these two were to part ways Hov and Bey have been holding each other down for 12 years. I thought they were the last couple in Hollywood who hadn’t been jaded by the money and the fame and remained loyal and faithful to one another. But then they comeback looking stronger than ever despite all the BS all around them.

Now more than ever when I die I want to be reincarnated as Beyonce, Please & Thanks


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